Gillies And Zaiser Public Relations

Travel communications has been our passion since our founding in 1979. Gillies and Zaiser Public Relations has always excelled at working with travel clients to maximize the return on their public relations investment. Likewise, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as reliable resources for the travel media, providing information, insight and ideas about destinations, products and services throughout the travel industry.

How We Work With Our Clients

We offer direct and honest feedback about strategies, focus on getting the job done while minimizing overhead, and use the tools we know produce the best results. Because of our long history in the field, we’ve studied the trends and know which ones work and which ones to avoid.

Our dedicated staff actively provides counsel to our clients, not just in the field of public relations, but in all aspects of marketing, planning and operations. We believe that as partners, success only comes when we work together to reach common goals. Our long tenure with our clients is proof that we deliver what we promise, but we won’t promise what can’t be delivered.

Whether it’s writing and distributing releases, pitching, responding to queries, coordinating media events or trips, arranging interviews, writing speeches, investigating promotional opportunities, promoting brands, or establishing a full-fledged marketing program, Gillies and Zaiser makes messages resonate with the right audiences.

How We Work With the Media

We study the media and are active consumers and fans of the products journalists create. We read and watch, listen and respond. In short, we take the time to get to know the media – as outlets and as individuals.

We’ve become trusted resources who can be relied upon to know what information the media needs – and when. We don’t push agendas, but instead truly try to connect the right journalist with the perfect story idea. We always respond in a timely manner, and we’re willing to take extra steps to ensure that we answer every question and account for every detail.

We also take the time to know and work with our peers in the industry, which allows us to detect trends and see the big picture. As a result of our philosophy on media relations, we have a track record of being great resources who are easy to work with – and fun to travel with.