Art In Voyage

Art In Voyage is a boutique travel company on a mission to create travel utopia for their guests through carefully curated journeys that span the globe. Founded by CEO Mikael Audebert in 2011, Art In Voyage offers an alternative to uninspired group travel with customized getaways that deliver discovery and relaxation in peak luxury. Their curated journey collection consists of hosted, small-group journeys designed to offer seamless and ‘un-googleable’ travel experiences across 60 countries. For guests wishing to turn their dreams into uniquely personal travel experiences, Art In Voyage’s exclusive journeys are tailor-made with an impressive attention to detail to deliver memorable, impactful and hassle-free exploration. Magellan Odyssey—their epic 28-day journey that spans 10 countries across five continents—will depart the US in March 2024.