Emerald Cruises Yacht Cruising

In 2020, Emerald Cruises took their award-winning reputation on the rivers of Europe and Asia and brought it the world’s oceans and coastlines with the announcement of a new yacht cruising product. The 360-foot long, 100-passenger Emerald Azzurra has been custom-designed to cruise the waters of the Adriatic Coast, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, and will offer guests an intimate, boutique yachting experience when she launches in July 2021. As the newest yacht in its class sailing these waters, Emerald Azzurra’s spacious balcony staterooms and suites, which start at more than 285 ft², have been designed with a modern feel and upscale amenities. Unlike other ships in this class, 88% of the cabins feature balconies from which to admire the breath-taking views. In the true style of a super yacht, the ship features a marina platform from which guests can take part in a variety of activities including paddle boarding and snorkeling. As well as exploring the major highlights in the regions yacht visits, guests will also have unique access to the smaller ports and harbors only accessible by small yachts, giving them the freedom to explore the authentic local towns and villages off the beaten tourist track.