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Travel marketing has been our first and only love since 1979.

At Gillies and Zaiser Public Relations, travel communication has been our first and only passion for more than 40 years. Our long history in this industry translates to both historic knowledge of where it’s been and as insights into where it’s heading. We love what we do, and it shows in our results. We take pride in our strong client relationships and believe our average client tenure of greater than 11 years speaks volumes about how they feel about us.

We offer our clients a direct and honest approach to public relations. We avoid marketing jargon, instead focusing on creating clear, compelling messaging that will resonate as authentic and timely with the media.  Knowing how to craft a perfect pitch, send newsworthy releases, arrange drama-free press trips, engage audiences with unique stories, research travel trends, align PR, marketing and sales strategies and help our clients navigate through any crisis are some of the things we do best. 

We understand that investing in public relations is a big commitment, and we’re devoted to helping our clients get the most out of it. By creating tailored campaigns and events for clients ranging from cruise lines to hotels to travel destinations large and small, we can connect the right journalists with the perfect story idea.

Likewise, we’ve spent the past 40-plus years building a reputation as a reliable resource for the travel media. We study the industry, and are both consumers of and advocates for the products journalists create. We read and watch, listen and respond.

We also take the time to know and work with our peers in the industry, which allows us to detect trends and see the big picture. As a result of our philosophy on media relations, we have a track record of being great resources who are easy to work with – and fun to travel with.