We offer a full range of services aimed at sharing our clients’ messages and helping journalists do their jobs.

Press Materials

A public relations program must include consistent communication with the media in order to have any chance of success. Journalists have expressed appreciation for our well-written, straight-to-the-point press releases and other materials, because they can easily make use of those parts that fit their audiences’ interests. A steady stream of useful information establishes the client's track record with the media and builds name recognition.

Message Distribution

We customize the distribution of every press release. Our proprietary database contains more than 200 categories segmented by demographics, location, media type and field of coverage. In addition to reaching newspapers, magazines, travel trade publications, broadcast outlets, internet outlets, and freelancers, we can target journalists who specialize in a specific destination, audience demographic or niche category of interest.

Media Visits

Our team members are experts at arranging group and individual media visits to every continent, often in cooperation with government tourist boards and/or other established entities. Our philosophy is simple: It’s always better to send quality rather than quantity. We’ve arranged trips to Antarctica, Greenland, China, Ecuador, Scotland, New Zealand, Alaska … and everywhere in between. We vet all media visit requests in order to find the best fit – for our clients and for the journalist and his or her outlets. Each itinerary is customized in consultation with both the client and the journalist, ensuring that we maximize all opportunities. Senior staff members escort group media visits, allowing participants to focus on their particular story angles and ensuring that anything within our power to control runs smoothly.

Media Contact

We’re in constant communication with the travel media, whether through sending releases, arranging trips, discussing story angles, researching information, fact-checking, or suggesting spokespeople for interviews. This daily contact with the media ensures that our clients’ messages get to the people who matter to their business – consumers, travel agents, and even industry peers. We arrange desk-side visits with journalists, coordinate small lunch gatherings at which the media can meet with and learn about our clients, and attend several large media marketplaces each year. In addition, we always have our eyes open, mining key outlets for journalists we think might be a good fit for the experiences our clients offer.


We're happy to provide counsel to our clients, not only in the public relations aspects of their operations, but also in planning and marketing. We can easily coordinate PR efforts with marketing campaigns and sales initiatives to achieve maximum impact.


We write and edit brochures, websites, newsletters, speeches, scripts and other copy.

Social Media

We support our clients’ social media efforts, offering counsel about programs and strategies. At their request, we’ll handle their social media efforts – though our general philosophy is that social media is more effective when someone “embedded” at an organization oversees these communication channels on a regular basis.